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GlobalFix PRO 406 GPS EPIRB (Cat I)

GlobalFix PRO 406 GPS EPIRB (Cat I)

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A top of the range Category 1 EPIRB with an automatic hydrostatic release housing. The unit features an internal high sensitivity GPS, optimized for cold start performance & rapid transmission allowing faster location.
# Transmits on both 406MHz and 121.5MHz.
# Built in hi-intensity LED strobe - 33% brighter than traditional EPIRB strobes
# Full GPS & circuitry test facility
# Operational Life: 48 hours minimum @ -20oC
# Typical Performance: 65+ hrs. @ -20oC; Longer in higher ambient temperature
# Operating Temp: -20oC to +55oC
# Storage Temp: -34oC to +70oC
# 5 year replaceable battery life
# Fully waterproof (10m)
# EPIRB Size: H389mm x W107mm x D90mm
# Supplied with automatic deployment housing.

All EPIRBs and PLBs sold by Force4 are pre-programmed with the UK country code. Whilst they will function anywhere around the world, the first authority to be contacted in an emergency situation would be the UK Coastguard Agency in Falmouth with whom the EPIRB would be registered.

You're reviewing: GlobalFix PRO 406 GPS EPIRB (Cat I)

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