Force 4 Waterproof Monocular with Internal Compass Bundle Avaliable

Force 4 Waterproof Monocular with Internal Compass

Product code: 310045

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Monocular with Integral Compass
- Some people find binoculars difficult to use and look through them with one eye closed! This compact, waterproof 8x42 monocular is the answer, plus it has an internal compass.
• 8 times magnification
• Well damped
• Easy to read bearing compass
• Range finder reticule
• Waterproof
• Hand strap
• Includes carry/storage pouch
• Only 14cm long - fits snugly into your pocket when not in use

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Customer Reviews

Sat, Sep 14, 2013
Force 4 waterproof monocular with integral compass.   Name: DAVID
Surprisingly good optics and reticule for the price, fits in the hand and the pocket comfortably, very easy to use (but fingers can easily cover the white compass illuminating panel in the top). Has a very nicely damped compass card. No illumination for night time use, but a very dim LED light worn on a headband works very well without causing loss of night vision. HOWEVER, the card on my particular monocular underreads consistently by 6degrees right round the dial, compared with four other handbearing compasses of different makes tested at the same time. Not a problem once recognised, but a slightly disappointing. Nevertheless, this monocular is now my preferred instrument for checking bearings of other ships at sea.

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